Artyzanal is a french innovative company based in Paris that both do wholesale and sell to retail stores « ethnic –chic » brands for fashion and decoration.

Our team is specialized in helping the commercial development for creators that reinvent or give new life to their indigenous traditional, fashion as well as arts and crafts.

We are offering 3 kinds of partnership : retail, importators, and exclusivity for some specific regions chosen by our partners.

Our input can be customized to your needs and potential issues when they arise. We can also provide temporary help especially for your busy season or special events.

Artyzanal offer 2 types of commercial partnerships :

  • Through our eshop where designers and creators from around the world can display how they reinvented their locale tradition either for decoration or fashion and design
  • Prime distribution of the articles from our designers in Concept stores located in Paris, Nice, Tunis, Miami or Ibiza.

We are proud to announce that we are now working on the development of a web-magazine focused only on high end Ethnic-Chic concept. Our goal is to become the leader in this field and enter among the professionals of the fashion industry.